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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


Business Planning

As in all aspects of life, your business has an evolution it goes through as well.  There are three identifiable cycles in a businesses life:  starting your businessgrowing your business  and exiting your business.

Every business owner needs a process based solution to expand and capitalize their business successes, and integrate them with personal planning.  For that reason, we have created a process that helps you in all phases of this development leaving the ad hoc approach behind with other practitioners.  Our process covers 25 distinct areas that guides you and you business safely through its life cycles.  Ultimately concluding with a transition that monetizes your life's work on to your balance sheet.

Vision Building

Here we discuss the process of business planning and how it integrates with your personal planning.  More importantly, we will take the time to more clearly define what you, your family and your management team would like to achieve.  It is this list of priorities that will guide the rest of your planning process.

Data Gathering & Clarification

All your personal financial data is entered into The Living Balance Sheet®(LBS) giving you a wide-angle view of your progress across our four interdependent financial domains.  All your relevant business information is entered into our Business Planning Model™ giving you a unique perspective of how you are growing your business. The Business Planning Model™ uniquely provides a clear assessment of your progress.

Business/Owner Protection Analysis

Business owners have the opportunity for more reward but are faced with more risk than traditional employees. We will consider the effects of lawsuits, the loss of an owner, or even key employees, on both you personally and on your business. We will then measure how that protection will impact the other domains of your business.

Retention & Growth Strategies

The futures of most businesses are determined by its employees- specifically the owner’s ability to attract and retain top talent, and create a positive culture for their employees.  In this meeting, we will evaluate your current compensation and benefit structures for top employees, as well as the benefits and corporate culture for all employees to see if they are consistent with your vision for the future of the business.

Business Owner Exit Strategy

Last but certainly not least, we want to ensure an orderly transition for you as you exit your business at retirement.  Whether you keep the business in the family or sell it to a third party, a plan must be established and coordinated with your personal planning to ensure maximum efficiency, flexibility and income for you in retirement.  Since the majority of small businesses are never sold, an important part of this strategy may be creating large sums of money on your personal balance sheet, so the sooner you have the Exit Strategy conversation, the better.

 Update & Review

We desire a lasting relationship with you and your business- and the one thing we know for sure is that we cannot predict the future.  Therefore, we will continue to meet regularly to adapt your plan to your ever-changing business and personal environments.