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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


Distribution & Retirement Planning

The Retirement Income Confidence ProcessTM

Channel Your Assets to Create Streams of Income in Retirement

Thirty years ago most people retired with the confidence that they'd have a guaranteed check in the mailbox every month like clockwork for the rest of their lives. Between the cash flow provided through a private pension and Social Security, most retirees were left to worry more about how to spend their time than how to pay their bills. Today, that retirement income landscape has been turned upside down. With pensions nearly extinct and Social Security on shaky ground, today's retiree must rely on the assets they've accumulated during their working years to provide income during their golden years. But how does one reliably turn assets into cash flow that will last as long as they do during a retirement fraught with risk and uncertainty?

At Consolidated Planning, we specialize in answering this question for our clients. During the course of the Retirement Income Confidence Process, we help clients tactically position assets in different buckets to maximize their income while also protecting that cash flow against the many new risks they'll face during this phase of life. This requires a balance of both art and science - providing streams of income that last for clients despite the uncertainty of not knowing how long they'll live, what the stock market will do, what interest rates or taxes will be, whether they'll get sick along the way, or if unexpected liquidity needs might arise. While the financial landscape is different today, the hope of a confident
retirement doesn't have to be.

Retirement Lifestyle Blueprint

In our first meeting we will design the vision for what you would like your retirement to look like. This is achieved by helping you to clearly define what you'd like your retirement to look like and by understanding the threats that could get in the way if left unaddressed. The Retirement Lifestyle Blueprint that we generate during this conversation will guide our discussions and decisions during the rest of the process.

Data Gathering & Clarification

At this stage we will bring your entire financial picture into focus. By clarifying your financial data, we will come to a place of common understanding about exactly how your financial world is currently structured - and what that means to you from a retirement income standpoint.

Retirement Risk Analysis

With full data in hand, we will take a closer look at how well your potential retirement income must be protected from the unique risks that exist during this phase of life. Retirees face challenges during these years that their working counterparts did not. For example, the worry of living too long, the short term timing of stock market returns, health risks, and interest rate risk, just to name a few. During this conversation we'll agree on terms of what a retirement income must do to mitigate these risks to your cash flow and lifestyle in retirement.

Retirement Cash Flow Maximizer

At this step, we will examine your possible options for generating income in retirement. This conversation will involve delving into the specifics of how to allocate and balance various financial products such as investments, annuities and insurance, as well as the details of how to tactically make withdrawals that are tax efficient and free from risk so that you can feel confident about the amount and consistency of your retirement paycheck.

Implement and Review

With confidence around the Retirement Income plan, at this stage we help a client implement and begin enjoying the fruits of their labor without the stress so many other retirees face today. We seek a lasting relationship with you and your family. Knowing that the future is inherently unpredictable, we will continue to meet regularly to ensure that your plan for a confident lifestyle in retirement is still in line with your goals.

What to Expect from the Retirement Income Confidence ProcessTM

Our Commitment is To:

  • Maintain strictest security, privacy, and confidentiality at all times
  • Seek to keep a similar risk tolerance level to that which you currently carry
  • Track your financial updates using our proprietary financial tools
  • Provide collaboration with your CP representative and support team at any time
  • Help build protection from loss into your plan
  • Make your goals our goals and help you achieve them
  • Respect your contacts and references

We Will Ask You To:

  • Please respect our time by being on time for appointments and coming prepared, having completed any work agreed upon
  • Understand how we are compensated. Should you choose to do so, you can use our firm to implement any financial products that are appropriate to your overall strategy.
  • Expand your sphere of impact by introducing us to the people you care about most, but only if you have benefitted from the process.