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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


Specialized and Unique Areas of Planning

 For many, standard traditional financial planning is not enough.  Unique circumstances may necessitate a specialized team of advisors to avoid costly mistakes. 

As the world around us changes, we continue to adapt and understand the unique tax and legal implications of planning for many non-traditional planning clients.  As a result of our planning process, we are uniquely positioned to assist with certain in depth complexities that other advisors are either not equipped to handle or avoid completely.   

Some areas of focus include but are not limited to:

Specialized Planning

  • Philanthropic and Advance Planning-  Leaving a legacy beyond your immediate family
  • Special Needs Planning- Financial and estate considerations for lifetime dependent children
  • Second Marriage Wealth Strategies-  Taking care of spouse as well as children from another spouse

Unique Non-Traditional Planning 

  • LGBT Relationships-  Financial pros and cons of certain decisions
  • Children- From former relationships, adoptions and in vitro fertilization
  • Common Law Relationships

Challenges In Life 


If you have questions regarding any of these areas, please contact us for additional information.