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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


LGBT Planning

 Lisa Raye specializes in providing the LGBT community high level planning solutions for the extremely unique family structures that are embedded throughout the LGBT community.  When failure is not an option, specialization is needed to insure all of the complicated moving parts are coordinated and providing optimal balance in your financial picture. 

Lisa Raye understands the profound inhibitions felt by members of the LGBT community in laying bare their orientation to strangers so they can get the sound advice they deserve.  Our firm is passionate about offering a safe and supportive environment with outstanding high level wealth management solutions for LGBT individuals, families and business owners.

Area's of specialty include but are not limited to:

  • Planning for partnerships or marriages -  law's are not the same in all states of the union
  • Planning for the family -  children from former relationships, adoptions and in vitro fertilization
  • Divorce planning - when children are involved and only one parent is biologically related
  • Planning for retirement -  impacts on where and how we live once we exit the marketplace
  • Insurance planning -  protecting the ground we have taken
  • Distribution and retirement income planning - maintaining the lifestyle we have created
  • Estate and wealth transfer - protection from biological family and wealth transfer strategies
  • Planning for parents care -  the "childless" sibling (s) usually help the parents when they are in need
  • Planning you own elder care - lack of younger family members to help you requires through planning
  • Business planning -  creating a smooth exit plan to monetize your lifes work
  • Employer benefit planning-  maximize employer benefits once married and avoid being discriminated against in the workplace afterwards.

Lisa Raye a specialist in all of these areas for the LGBT community.  Being intricately involved within the community helps her stay on top of the evolving changes in laws and needs for this community.  Not being on top of these changes can have a profound effect on a financial strategy.