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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


Individual Planning

The Consolidated Planning ProcessTM is the means by which our clients organize their  financial worlds, protect themselves and their families, and ultimately set themselves on a course towards achieving true prosperity as they define it. Each client realizes these accomplishments as they move through  the following steps in the process:

The Vision Builder

In this meeting we will explain how our planning process works and also share our philosophy on the financial world. Most importantly, we will take the time to more clearly define the goals that you and your family would like to achieve during your lifetime.  It is this list of goals that will guide the rest of your planning process.

The Data Clarifer

In this meeting, we will bring your entire  financial picture into focus.  By clarifying  the  financial data you’ve gathered, we will come to a place of common understanding about exactly how and why your  financial world is structured  - allowing us to populate your financial Snapshot.  This provides a clear starting point to assess where you are now  financially, in relation to where you’d like to be in the future.

The Protection Analysis

In this meeting we will take a closer look at the Protection domain of your  financial world.  Our goal here is to make a very frank assessment of how well you are protected from a number of Eroding Factors.  From there, we’ll measure how that level of Protection will impact the other domains of your  financial world.

The Strategy Alignment

In this meeting, we will examine your current path in relation to the goals you initially laid out for us in the Vision Builder meeting.  This will serve as our basis of comparison as we measure the effectiveness of other potential   financial strategies. We will weigh factors like protection,   flexibility, risk tolerance, tax consequences, and inflation as we simulate various strategies unfolding across your  financial timeline.

The Tactical Alignment

Once a strategy is settled upon, we will then move from the big picture to the details and begin to implement  the tactical changes needed to make the strategy work. The nature of this meeting is always dictated by the strategy that precedes  it, but it will routinely include tactical changes to various insurance and investment programs or execution of legal documents as examples.

The Impact Evaluation

To cap the initial planning process, we will sit down to assess how far we’ve come through  the course of our work together and evaluate the success of our progress towards achieving your goals.  Upon successful completion of the process, we hope to have the opportunity to go er the experience to others who you identify as good candidates.

What to Expect From the Consolidated Planning ProcessTM

Our Commitment Is To:

  • Work with your current assets and cash flows without asking you to change your lifestyle
  • Maintain strictest security, privacy, and confidentiality at all times
  • Seek to keep a similar risk tolerance level to that which you currently carry
  • Track your financial updates using our proprietary financial tools
  • Provide collaboration with your CP representative and support team at any time
  • Help build protection from loss into your plan
  • Make your goals our goals and help you achieve them
  • Respect your contacts and references

We Will Ask You To:

  • Please respect our time by being on time for appointments and coming prepared; having completed any work
  • agreed upon
  • Understand how we are compensated...Should you choose to do so, you can use our form to implement any financial products that are appropriate to your overall strategy.
  • Build your impact network by introducing us to the people you care most about, only if you have benefited from
  • the process.

Consolidated Planning Process Questionnaire