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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


Estate & Wealth Management


Consolidated Planning specializes in catering to the needs and concerns of affluent families. Having a keen understanding of the issues that face these families, whether it be to reduce risks, preserving or growing wealth, organizing their financial lives, asset protection, lending strategies, tax strategies, estate planning or gifting strategies, we have developed a financial planning and asset management process to help customize a plan that addresses each families individual needs.

We pride ourselves on the attention to detail, the customization to solutions, the risk management that we employ, and the services we offer to deliver a unique experience to each client we work with. 

What is Estate & Wealth Planning?

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Without a strategy to accomplish these things, your heirs might encounter many problems along the way.  More importantly, your intentions are never exercised because these items were not organized and legally executed to insure your voice is heard.   A common error people make is to assume that estate planning only refers to dying. In fact, an important part of estate planning is to take the appropriate steps to ensure management of your financial affairs if you become disabled or terminally ill.

I welcome the opportunity to assess the strength of your current wealth transfer strategy and offer options you may not have explored up to this point.