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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


You and Your Family

 You work insane hours. You’re juggling bids and business plans and budgets. You rarely have time for lunch. And you can’t imagine it any other way. Yet, one day retirement will beckon. And today is the day to make sure you have plans in place to secure the future you want. For yourself. For your loved ones. Lisa Raye has helped plenty of business owners just like you keep their future in razor-sharp focus.

Keeping your long-term vision in sight

You've come a long way since you started your business. A lot has changed. Chances are your retirement needs have too. Taking the time to review your retirement savings strategy now can keep you on target for a prosperous tomorrow. Ask yourself (or, better yet, ask Lisa Raye):

• Is a traditional or Roth IRA  still appropriate for my needs?
• Can an annuity  help complement my other retirement savings vehicles?
• Would a supplemental executive retirement plan (SERP) better serve my needs?
• Should I be seeking additional investment advice

Preserving the future of your business

Taking chances is part of owning a business. Except when it’s time to pass that business along to the next generation. Even though it may be many years before your even think about stepping aside, you can’t afford to procrastinate — you need an effective succession plan that works now and into the future. Without one, the chances of your business surviving into future generations can dwindle. It starts by asking the right questions. Here are just a few:

• Do I want to pass the business along to my family?
• Will my partner be buying out my share?
• Should I look for somebody other than family members or business partners to be my successor?
• When is the right time to retire?
• What if my successor isn’t ready?

Download an Exit Planning guide for small business.