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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


You and Your Family

 For years you’ve looked after your business like it was a member of your family. And now that you're preparing to write the next chapter, it's time your business returned the favor. A successful transition plan can help you and your loved ones reap all the rewards you’ve worked so hard to sow.

Exiting your business

Once you've made it through the complex maze of challenges involved in selling your business, you may want to wait a moment before breathing that sigh of relief. You still have to decide how to direct the wealth you’ve accumulated in a manner that will provide the retirement lifestyle you want while maximizing your estate for the next generation. Lisa Raye is ready to help and give you the guidance you need to understand how everything from wills, trusts and estate planning to annuities and mutual funds can contribute to a comprehensive plan for making the most of your wealth.

Living in retirement

Going from being a business owner to being a retiree requires a bit of an adjustment. Of course, you’re still in charge. Only instead of employees, you're providing leadership to your IRAs  Your life insurance policies  and your brokerage accounts. And make no mistake — they do require leadership. Managing your money effectively in retirement is an integral part of the equation. But relax. While you’ve probably never retired before, Lisa Raye has helped plenty of business owners like you realize the retirement they’ve always wanted. So while you may no longer have a team of employees standing by for your orders, you’ll always have us.