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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


Your Employees

 When you leave your business, you're not just walking away from a physical space — from office furniture, photocopiers and that old coffee maker in the kitchen. You're also leaving the most valuable part of your company — the people. They're the ones who helped you get where you are today. They followed your lead, provided the muscle and the heart that kept your business growing. And now, as you prepare to take your leave, you want to do something to help them enjoy a more prosperous future.

Rewarding your team

Giving your employees a little something to remember you by shouldn't just involve a holiday ham every year. With help from Lisa Raye, you can devise a plan to keep the members of your team benefiting for years to come. Whether it's a scholarship trust to help offset education expenses for the children of employees, an annual bonus that’s funded by a company-owned annuity , or something else entirely, you can leave a special thank you to those who helped fuel your success.