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Lisa Raye Hund, ChFC® CExP™ MBA


Nicole Pilo

Nicole Pilo

Financial Advisor and Joint Partner

My practice revolves around helping people take control of their financial worlds so that they can free themselves up to do what they truly enjoy doing in their lives, with their families, and in their careers. Most people want to be able to answer the following questions: Am I going to be OK? Is my family going to be safe? Is my retirement going to be protected? Am I going to have enough resources to do what I want to do? If we can plan together to accommodate some of the unexpected things that might occur to make us unsafe, then we can free ourselves to focus our energies on our passions and move forward toward our goals and dreams knowing that we've made smart financial decisions to help get us there.

All of my knowledge and experience gained in the fields of science, research, and teaching are consolidated into my passion and abilities for this career. I enjoy helping people on a daily basis.